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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 2, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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good evening, everyone. driving rain and gusting winds. the storm that went through the bay area this morning packed a powerful punch. this is what it looked like at the bridge before dawn when the wet weather system was doing the most tk-plg. >> and rivers, lakes, filled up rapidly during the storm. news chopper 2 was overhead this afternoon at the spill way. in marin county the day of watching the creeks. the creeks, swelled in kentfield. but neither broke their banks. they snapped a power pole. witnesses said it looked like lightning struck. pg&e crews worked throughout the day to restore power to the neighborhood. >> and in san jose, the valley fair shopping center was partially flooded making driving treacherous for the most part, drivers took their time navigating the flooded street. the storm is gone but the
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problems persist. we have team coverage tonight. we begin with debra who is live in lafayette where the storm created a big sinkhole, debra? >> and a big problem for people here. mountain view drive. the street has been in an uproar all day and now, into the night. >> cars used to cross the creek now sits a sinkhole. residents say it started when this morning's rain overflowed the creek. the first time was a sagging railing and cracking sidewalk. then, late this afternoon. the collapse. >> like a big thud, boom. just a big, really, heavy, it shook the ground. but it was a big boom. number of logs, a bunch of debris from upstream came down the creek, plugged the colvert. the water had nowhere to go but over the top and it created an eddiey. >> reporter: eroding the soil.
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>> the concern, utilities running underground. a gas line plugged on either side. a devised sewer bypass kept waste out of the creek. and the biggest challenge, this 12 inch water main, under pressure from a high capacity tank. >> if it is laying on it. it would make it small and running it that way. a big concern. watching it chosely. >> they said months. months before they can get the bridge back up. >> what might have been a bigger crisis will be a long- term inconvenience. for residents out of town. likely the city will not rush into a repair and, instead, engine a long-lasting improvement for this creek. a trash rack that will not clog as easily. >> it is not an easiy fix. >> no. we are hoping it is quick.
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i have teenagers that want to take showers. >> reporter: ona few homes are without water. one without gas. so, it is a small scale outage but a big 20 foot sinkhole. a lesson that trash, scrap wood and furniture does not belong in a backyard creek. the next step tomorrow is to dig the debris out of the creek and secure the hole. we are live in lafayette. ktvu channel 2 news. >> meantime, in pittsburg, people on the scene said there were more than 2 dozen motorists that ended up with nat tires after hitting the pothole, including a family that were on their way to see the raiders game. >> we hit a pothole and our air bags went off. so i got out to check the tires and they were blown. >> cal transsent out a crew to
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re-- caltrans sent out a crew to repair the road. we are live to see the damage the floodwaters left behind. >> healthyy, the mobile homes behind me are surrounded by the creek. and, when the water rises the residents are left with little else to do but wait. i got my mom out. i took her down to a friend's house down the street. you never know with water like this what it is going to do. >> these homes in a flood zone are a mile from sixx flags and off of i-80
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neighbors were pumping water out of under their homes. they watched the water seep before it went in his unit. >> the way the skirting is built i did not get too much damage, just the cleanup. >> he showed us his photos. >> there were 3 feet of water coming down the street right here. i mean, i tried to walk across it to check on my neighbor. i almost had my feet knock out from under me. >> the park owner refused to speak to us. residents said just as fast as the water rose it went down. ktvu channel 2 news. >> there were concerns of flooding in redwood city. the police warn that the high tide could effect residents in the southeastern portion of the city. news chopper 2 did catch a bit of flooding but the emergency dispatch tells ktvu news they did not receive the calls of problems. >> the napa river in downtown napa stayed within its banks after concerns the river would
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exceed flood stage this evening. they explain what kept the river from causing a bigger problem for the area. >> this is the pope street bridge. historic spot. and a spot for locals to watch the rain swollen. napa river. >> i think it is -- i think it it is going to flow out nicely and we will be fine by this afternoon. >> sharon graves watched this river flood before. confident it would not happen at this bridge today. but a few miles north, the napa river did escape its banks. >> it is flooded. it is flooded coming down deer park and silver ado and deer park where the peach trees are. >> several feet of water covered this orchard on deer park road. the river crept into vineyards as well. it was partially blocked. upriver, another 2 miles, lodi lane was chosed. most drivers -- closed. most drivers turned away. some did not. >> it looks like we got off pretty easy.
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we have some flooded vineyards and things like that. >> these are agricultural areas that typically flood. >> in downtown napa it was realized early today as the storm moved on that the risk of flooding had passed. >> that is due in part to the fact that the rain stopped. and had it continued to dump several inches every few hours like it was for awhile we might be looking at more of a problem. >> in recent years the city of napa constructed a flood control project here in downtown. now t is is only 1 third complete. the city officials say that in recent years, given the size of this storm. they likely would of had flooding had it not been for this project. in napa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the weather service today canceled a flood warning on the russian river. forecasters say the river will not dump its banks after all. they opened a senter in case of flooding but chose today it this afternoon when the danger
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passed. >> closed it this afternoon when the danger passed. not much of rain showering to show you. a few lingering around fresno and bakersfield. clear to partly cloudy skies, the rain, the extreme rainfall rates are out of our weather picture. an update on the river levels. napa river going down, nap a down 21 feet, there is the projected points tomorrow morning and out towards the saint helena dropping off tomorrow morning down to 4.3 feet. as far as the russian river coming up for you right now. russian river, heelsberg, dropped off at flood stage. and guerneville, in monday morning, at flood stage, at 4:00. backing off as we head into midmorning monday and the afternoon hours. it has been an active weather
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week. remember, wednesday, talking about the storm 1, storm two moved in on friday and storm 3, another strong one. that moved in this morning. take a look at the rain fall totals in the past few days. 13 inches of rain. kent field, 9.5 inches. the mountains, around 9 inches, san francisco, 3.78 and san jose about 2.5 inches, we have a break in the rain for us tonight and tomorrow. i track another system, a weak one but that does show up in our five-day forecast more on that in a few minutes. >> all right, more rain. a system is-wide power failure halted the service leaving scores of passengers stranded. all train service was stopped at 9:18 a.m. now, b.a.r.t police officers say the storm may of played a role in knocking out the power. and b.a.r.t's back up generator did not work. some passengers on the way to the raiders game were losing patience quickly. >> they need me out there. i need to get out there b.a.r.t needs to get on their business. they need to be ready for this
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kind of business here. >> power was restored an hour later but this was another outage just after 2:00 this afternoon and that lasted for about 20 minutes. b.a.r.t riders were the only ones to experience travel headaches due to the storm today. 41 flights were canceled today because of the bad weather conditions. this were delays of 90 minutes throughout the day. oakland and san jose airports did not report any problems but a spokeswoman says a night was diverted and landed in san jose instead. powerful winds knocked over a big rig on the bridge. the highway patrol says it was traveling east when it overturned about pheutd midspap. the driver climbed out and was not hurt. the camera is jiggling around because it is windy out there. they chosed chose -- closed the road to big rigs. the power was knocked out not once but twice at the same
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house. the first tree fell this morning and 90 minutes after the crews cleaned up that mess, a second tree fell downtaking down lines. they worked through the day to cheer the debris and restore electricity. and the storm forced classes in the north bay to be canceled. the principal says there was significant flooding to several classrooms and the library. and much of the campus is covered in mud. they have not decided when classes will resume. coming up later at 10:30. how the south bay faired during the rains and at 10:35, mark tamayo will be back when more rain is expected here in the bay area. we put our lives out there and that is part of the job. >> some first responders on the scene of the car crash needed emergency help themselves. the factor that caused three
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firefighters to be injured. a mystery tonight in southern california after four people were found dead outside of a home p in a quiet -- home in a quiet neighborhood. tomorrow could be decision day on proposition 8. how it could have a national impact.
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a viewer sent us this video. take a look t. this is what it looked like the creek was -- take a look at this. this is what it looked like as the creek was rising. we went to the scene of a crash and explains how three firefighters were injured. >> reporter: it was not supposed to happen it this way, but shortly after firefighters arrived on it this accident scene for help they ended up needs help themselves. >> of the four transported three are our employeeees. >> reporter: this after multiaccidents on the same spot. >> reporter: the first, a vendor bender, the second, a car hitting the fire truck and the third.
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>> the third one was a chevy taho that lost control and -- tahoe that lost control and hit the fire truck and flipped and hit three civilians. three firefighters were rushed to the hospital in serious but stable condition. two of them will require surgery. the other victim, who has not been identified, is in critical condition. the driver of the tahoe was not hurt. first responders waited for news at the hospital and were shaken. >> it is traumatic to see one of your own emergency medical responders get hurt. but, unfortunately it is what happens we put our lives out there and that is part of the job. >> reporter: chp officers are investigating. while they are trying to piece together the details of this crash they say one thing already, the drivers appeared to be going too fast for the rainy conditions. >> we all know it.
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we just have to do it. when it rains we need to slow down. >> investigators are still trying to determine what kreutation fist any are going to be issued following this accident. >> new video tonight of an accident that claimed the life of a person in the east bay. according to the highway patrol, a person was walking on interstate 580 at 8:30 tonight when that pedestrian was struck by a big rig near the harbor way exit. the investigators say it is not clear why the person was on the highway. a shooting in san francisco's mission district this morning sent a man to the hospital. the police say the man was shot twice near the intersection of mission and 18th streets around 1:13 a.m. he was take tone san francisco general with nonlife- threatening injuries. the police tell us they have not made any arrests or released a motive for the shooting. >> the police in los angeles are searching for whoever shot and killed four people today
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outside of a boarder house. it happened at 4:30 this morning in the valley community of north ridge. the police say the victims were two men and two woman who were found facedown along a walk way outside what appears to be an unlicensed rooming house. they have not rehaoesed their identities or a motive in that shooting. union and management wrapped up a 6th day of negotiations p in the labor dispute at the ports of los angeles and long beach. workers walked off of their jobs last week in a 2-1/2 year long contract fight. no word on how chose -- how close both sides are. some containerships have been moved. shippers are saying it is costing the u.s. economy as much as $1 billion a day. in our continuing cover repblg of the if fiscal cliff, treasure secretary bluntly re-- continuing coverage of the fiscal cliff.
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treasure secretary bluntly reject today. >> they cost $1 trillion over 10 years and no possibility that we are twoing to find going to get it without it going back up. >> seven weeks between election day and the end of the year. and three of those weeks have been wasted. >> the house speaker want on to say he was flabbergasted by the plan. they say tell take another week for serious negotiations to begin. >>the supreme court may announce tomorrow if it will review california's prop 8 case over same sex marriage. the justices met behind chosed doors on friday but took no action on prop 8 or other casees. if the court declines to review prop 8 it will be immediately legal for same sex couples to marry in california f. it takes it up for review a final decision can change it up in every state. >> lawmakers in sacramento begin a new section with promises not to raise taxes.
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democrats won a majority in both houses in the election. it allows them to raise taxes with little concern of republican opposition. leaders will avoid dog that considering voters just passed prop 30 as l. the republicans and governor brown say they will be watching the democrats to keep it in check. lawmakers are honoring nevin. he died yesterday at 69. he was a former supervisor, mayor of daly city and police inspector in san francisco. congresswoman jackie spear today called him a giant who had boundless compassion. the current supervisor says he was a great leader and vision. among other causes he af indicated for all children to receive -- adsroe indicated for all children to have health insurance. the pope goes high-tech. what the religion leader is about to do for the first time el
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the kansas city chiefs held a moment of silent ahead of the game for the panthers. the players were quiet after they won the game. yesterday, linebacker jovan belcher shot himself in front of his coach after killing his girlfriend a short time earlier. the chief's owner and fans reacted today. >> we have so many guys on the team and so the coaching staff who are really, really hurting. >> just very sad. it is sad for a mother who loses her son, it is is sad for that little baby t is just sad. >> a friend of the victim, perkins, the tensions grew between him and belcher after
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the birth of their daughter three months ago. news in afghanistan suicide bombers attacked a joint afghan base, killing 4 soldiers and at least 4 civilians. the "new york times" reports tonight the attackers wore uniforms. the attack began when 2 vehicles charged the main gate and then blue up. a 2--- blew up. a 2-hour gun shootout began. in the west bank, celebrations today as the president spoke to supporters for the first time since the u.n. voted to upgrade palestine status. they plan to withhold 100 million in funds and transfers to the palestinians each month. the money comes from taxes and custom duties that they collect on behalf of palestinians. in japan, the police say the bodies of 9 people have been found following the collapse of
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a tunnel outside of tokyo. investigators say concrete panels crushed three cars and triggered the fire last night inside of the tunnel. highway officials say it was inspected just last month and that there were no irregularities. there is a report tonight that the pope plans to follow in the footsteps of celebrities like lady tkp-rbgs aga and join the world of twitter. cnn reports tomorrow the vatican scheduled a press conference. according to the report he will be composing the tweets for the new account himself and he will press the button to send out the very first tweet. >> in france, a 200-year-old letter, written in code sold today for 10 times the estimated price. the letter, in which he vows to blow up the kremlin went for $243,000. it was punched by the museum of letters and manufactures in paris. the letter was written near the
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end of the invasion of russia. the stars were out for kennedy honors. president barack obama congratulated the people. among the hopbrys, david letterman, -- the honorees david letterman. >> on a personal note i will never forget, buddy, playing "skeet home chicago" in this -- "sweet home chicago" in this room and a few others forcing me to sing along can which was just okay. he joked with the led zeppelin members saying he appreciated them not trashing the rooms at the white house. our storm watch coverage continues. the effects felt throughout the south bay. >> one bay area driver, he earns a tough lesson.
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this treetopelled on top of a toyota prias. as you can see from this photo the entire tree, roots and all, fell over, bringing with it part of the sidewalk there. the southbound also got a real soaking. matt keller continues our storm coverage where drivers were caught off guard. >> reporter: late this morning
10:30 pm
it was a bad time to be on the roads. a man, woman, young child were inside of this white jetta. stuck in the flooded intersection. >> have they told you what they are going to do with your car? >> they had to wait for a tow truck to get them out of the mess. here, the pumps were working hard. but the water was still high. near the tops of picnic benches and bbqs. neighbors had the rising and rushing creek behind them. >> we hope that the creek will not flood. that is the worst thing. >> reporter: emergency workers were concerned it could get worse and were getting ready a temporary shelter for 300 and more residents. a break in the rain and blue skies prevented them from needing it. a chainsaw was the tool of choice after this tree crashed on the street this morning. further north in mountain view, a traoáe limb -- a tree limb came down.
10:31 pm
a messy storm making more work for people. >> it is messy. that is why i have a teenager to clean it up, right? >> what i difference a few hours of dry weather makes a.i flag football game is played on the field and the water has -- makes a difference. a flag football game is played on the field and the water has gone. a young man, heading back home from a party, learned a tough lesson about driving through standing water. he was traveling on wilder road this morning when his car became partially submerged in the flooded road. he says he office that road because he was trying to avoid an accident on highway 24. he was stuck in his car for awhile before climbing out through the driver's side window. >> it was raining so hard i could not tell it was flooded. and we drove in there and my car died and realized i am if a foot and a half of water. don't under estimate puddles. sierra ski resort operators
10:32 pm
are thrilled with the results of the last few storms, as much as three feet of new water fell. the snow filed up in drifts that made driving a little chick tricky. no fell this morning and then again this afternoon. >> as of this morning we were reporting 33 inches, our base, 6400. so, we got it good up there. then, like i said, the system moving in today. i would not be surprised another foot up this. >> it was slow going for big rigs, passing through the truck scales. the roads were slick. as you can see, snow on the side of the highway. the caltrans web site is reporting no chain restrictions at this time. well, that storm really packed a punch. lasted several hours. we are going to take a look now. this is what our weather radar looked at the height of the storm. as you can see, boy, lit up green with san francisco right here in the red. really just getting pounded. now, a lot of you at home. you felt the effects of the storm. take a look. these are some of the photos
10:33 pm
that were sent to the facebook page, downed trees, you can see here, the floodestreets and then also, this picture right here, capturing the driving conditions. from the north to the south, it seems like everyone really got soaked. i want to take you first, up here in the east bay. starting in pittsburgh. this picture was sent to us from jennifer, of a flooded street in her neighborhood. the problem here, clogged storm drains, as you can see in this picture, it turned this road into a creek. also want to show you now, another problem spot. this was in san francisco today. we mention about those clogged storm drains, another problem with the storm drains here. larry captures this flooding on the corner of sacramento and lagoona. in the city pacific heights neighborhood. there you can see all of that water. now, further down south. boulder creek, take a look at this. brian shared this photo of a very, very large tree that crashed downright on highway 236. this is near china grade road. you can send us your photos e-
10:34 pm
mail photos at on post them on our facebook page or tweet them. the storm may be gone but the rain not quite. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is next with when to expect more wet weather hey, look! a shooting star!
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well t has been an active weather week. we finally get a chance to dry out for tonight with all of the rainfall. out of the picture. remember, we were talking about 3 storms over the past few days. the numbers adding up. as far as the numbers total up, in the past 24 hours, take a look at those, put it in
10:37 pm
motion. once again, the band of heavy rain, pushing across the region. between 6:00 and eight clock. the -- 6:00 and 8:00. as far as live storm tracker 2 right now. not a lot of live coverage to show you. heading down to the south. down towards southern california and that trend will continue as the system continues to weaken and dissipate and head out of town. and also satellite, looking at it earlier today. and the rainfall pushing across california. back behind me, plenty of cloud cover. partly cloudy skies right now. some of them will continue to filter into the region for tomorrow and monday. and possibly rain showers as we head into tuesday. the he headline and much weaker
10:38 pm
storm approach. not a major deal. it will impact your day. and the manipulate track as far as the rain showers will be focused out to the bay area. we bring in a a chance of a few showers. and a few light showers drifting. for tuesday night and into wednesday. so, here we go. forecast headlines for tonight. partly cloudy, cool. tonight, now, tuesday,ed with, bringing in high clouds. overnight lows, chilly out there. and getting ready for school and work tomorrow morning as the temperatures start out the day in the upper 30s to the 40s. sanfrancisco, 48. and napa, cool 38 degrees. here is our forecast model. take -- taking it into 7:00 out there. partly cloudy skies. the clouds thicken. no raindrops showing up on this just yet. into tuesday. look at what happens. the main rainband is to the forth of the bay area. we have a chance of a four
10:39 pm
showers, north of the bridge, tuesday afternoon. same deal on a tuesday night. maybe drizzle south of the golden gate bridge and wednesday. a few light showers heading across. pushing across the region into wednesday afternoon. really, not a big deal. no storms showing up on the forecast. that is good news. the forecast highs for tomorrow, mainly, upper 50s to 60s. sanfrancisco, right around 60. hayward, 61 degrees. the temperatures will check in, 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. and san jose looking nice. 62. but, increasing high clouds throughout the afternoon hours. >> here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast into tuesday. more chowd cover. the chance of a few showers once again as i showed you, primarily in the north bay. light showers in the north bay. form of drizzle and remember, last week, the -- 5-7 day. rain clouds out there. this, this week looking okay. a sun cloud mix for the weekend with the weekend in view, partly cloudy skies on sunday.
10:40 pm
it has been quite a week tracking the storms, a week ago, expecting 4-8 inches, some of the numbers really impressive over 10 inches in some spots. we need a chance to dry out. >> the good thing, drying out. the ground not saturated. >> yes. exactly, you get an active weather pattern later december and january. this is nice. a great opportunity. >> yes. >> thank you, mark. >> yep. >> golden state warriors want to collect holiday cheer tomorrow with pregame toy drive. just before the warriors home game against the magic. fans are encouraged to bring a new unwrapped toy in support of the mayor's community toy drive. the first 400 fans to donate a toy will receive a limited edition warriors photo. coming up next, have the raiders hit rock bottom? a player says they have, we will tell you who. >> the 49ers, they struggle against the rams, we will hear
10:41 pm
from them as they explain what went wrong, sports wrap, coming up next. n
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10:43 pm
good evening, everyone. thanks for joining our sunday night edition of "sports wrap." hours upon hours of phone calls like "i told you so" and "bring alex back" will fill the airways after jim harbough put his coaching reputation on-line and switched quarterback. today's result should not fall on collin's shoulders alone but the offense, buttered smith watch it unfold. he did lead them them on.
10:44 pm
toefp, that is the only one for san francisco today. it was 7-0. and chase. and runs in the end zone. a voiding getting tackled. they rule the grounding, that say safety. did not throw the ball. a questionable call. the 9ers led 10-2. over 3 minutes left in the game. and heads, jenkins scoops, scores, adding the conversion, 10-10. it is time for him to show why he is a starter. collins scram. he gets to the rams 14 yard line. a 50 yard scramble. 9ers are back in business. completing 21 of 53 passes. it could have been better. puts the ball right in walkers hands. walker can not feel it. instead of a big touchdown, 9erss have to settle


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